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Believing that the best works are of world quality, the vision of its founder, Roy Guthrie has been to encourage artists to create large powerful works and to show these in well curated and documented exhibitions at important gardens and art venues throughout the world.

Over the past 15 years some 30 exhibitions of this nature have been held in Europe, Africa, Israel, Australia and the United States of America , bringing great acclaim to the sculptors and their art.

Each exhibition lasts between 4 to 24 months and takes up to 2 years to prepare.  It bears testimony to the intense dedication and commitment of Chapungu, its founder and staff that this has been possible and has resulted in many Zimbabwean artists being considered amongst the finest stone sculptors of our times.

“For this is sculpture of world quality and interest - deeply human, spirited in every sense and superbly skilled” Sunday Telegraph- London, United Kingdom, 1981.(Review of the Chapungu exhibit at Zimbabwe House, London)

“These giant stone sculptures are the most hauntingly evocative images to come out of Africa in the past century…the greatest contemporary collection of African Art ever seen in this country.” Evening Standard, London, United Kingdom, 2000(Review of the Chapungu exhibit at Kew Gardens )

Chapungu is proud of its achievements in this field.  It is also proud of the daily and ongoing assistance it has been able to provide to artists in the areas of tools, stone, health, family, finance and housing and above all encouragement, confidence and self belief.

Above all, we pay tribute to these remarkable African Sculptors, many no longer with us, who through years of turmoil, hardship and political uncertainty, have continued to create formidable works of art depicting their own  culture and way of life.

Roy Guthrie, Founder Chapungu Sculpture Park. 2007

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